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File Printing Problems

Folk have reported problems opening and printing off files in the Library.   Does not finish opening and, if successful, looks fine on the screen, but a jumble of letters and symbols print on some pages.

The problem is the Internet Browser (software for viewing websites) on your computer; in particular early versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. When left-clicking on the file to view and print, it opens in the correct software, but ‘inside’ the Browser (embedded). This can create opening / printing problems if your Browser is not up to the job.

Solution A:  Right-click on the file in the Library and select from the menu ‘Save Target as’ or ‘Save Link as’ or Save image As’ or ‘Save File As’ – which ever is there. Save the file to your computer – somewhere it is easy to find! Then open as normal to view and print in the associated software (e.g. .PDF files open in a PDF Reader).

Be sure to repeat saving from the Library each time before printing again so as to get the latest version, replacing the old file with the new.

Solution B: update your Browser software or use another one! Firefox >> is recommended.

Some Word documents (.docx) can also cause problems, depending which version of Word is on your computer. .docx files started with Word 2007. You can see which version you have in the the Help/ About... detail. If before 2007, you need a converter. from Microsoft >>. All docs will be posted in Word 2002/3 version .DOC or in .PDF format in future.


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